song for my father

Saxophonist Joe Henderson is the latest jazz great featured in Ken Clarke’s series on BBC Radio 4.

For this programme, Clarke (the British Government’s Justice Secretary for our non-UK readers) is joined by the innovative, thirty-something sax player Soweto Kinch.

Jazz Greats – Joe Henderson

What was refreshing was to hear a young man, unafraid of experimentation, paying full tribute to a musician from an earlier generation, who was a fearless improviser.

For a short time, Henderson, who played with everybody who’s anybody in jazz before his death in 2001, was alongside Horace Silver.

Long enough though to be part of Silver’s quintet for the classic 60s Blue Note recording ‘Song For My Father.’

Henderson’s tenor purrs into life just before the 4 minute mark. Enjoy.

Song For My Father

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