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I spent part of yesterday sat outside an ordinary-looking house in Cookham, Berkshire, UK.

The person who lived and worked there from 1944 to 1959 was the remarkable British artist Sir Stanley Spencer.

Spencer was Cookham born and bred, and a familiar figure in the village on the River Thames, transporting his paints and brushes around in a pram.

Then setting up his easel to capture another of his unique visions of the ordinary world.

Sadly my schedule didn’t allow time to go on the Cookham Walk, which takes in the locations of many of his famous paintings, or visit the Stanley Spencer Gallery.

But during the Summer, I was lucky enough to see a Spencer exhibition at Compton Verney, a stunning art gallery in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside. The first item you saw when you walked in was his famous pram.

It was perhaps appropriate that the exhibition was called ‘Stanley Spencer and the English garden.’ The featured image on this post is one of the paintings I saw. Wisteria decorating the back of a Cookham house, yet looking extraordinary.

The current exhbition at the Spencer Gallery in Cookham, ‘The Art of Shipbuilding on the Clyde,’  looks well worth a visit. It’s open until 15th January. But if you can’t get along, then the Gallery website has a host of his best works online.

Spencer Gallery website

Spencer Gallery on YouTube

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