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How many band t-shirts do you possess?

My earliest purchase was a red U2 t-shirt with images from ‘Boy’, their first album.

I really liked them in the beginning, and aside from buying the album (which I duly did), the t-shirt seemed like a visible way of showing my support.

It was worn with pride for a few years as a dip into any of our family photo albums from that period will testify.

U2 – I Will Follow

Among my t-shirt ‘mistakes’ was a sleeveless Def Leppard union jack t-shirt bought around the time of the ‘Pyromania’ tour , which frankly didn’t really suit my emaciated upper arms.

Real muscle definition was required to pull it off with any style.

Consequently, it skulked in a bottom drawer beneath a pile of sweaters until I finally threw it out, about the time that Nirvana rendered the Leps a bit 80s.

Def Leppard – Photograph

One of my favourite malfunctioning t-shirt stories involves British band The Jam.

On one tour, their fans were so keen on showing their devotion that resplendent white t-shirts with multi-coloured logos and artwork were duly bought on the way into the gig, and worn from first note to last.

By the time fans emerged from the venue, the perspiration generated by two hours of Jam worship had turned their white t-shirts into a psychedelic swirl of colour.

The reason – a non-fast dye had been used in the printing process.

The Jam – live

Writer Jude Rogers has turned this still vibrant part of popular cultureĀ  into a blog, which is great fun.

Band t-shirt blog


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