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Judging by its appearence in several ‘end of year’ lists, the hot music book of 2011 is Nile Rodgers’s autobiography, ‘Le Freak.’

Usually, the extortionate price of hardback books, in this case £20, puts me off such purchases.

Even with generous online discounts available on hardbacks, it still means waiting till the book’s out in paperback, by which time you’ve forgotten you wanted to read it in the first place and the moment has gone.

This time though, on the review I read, another price caught my eye – ebook £9.49.

As a recent ebook convert, Mr.Rodgers’s story suddenly becomes a more attractive proposition.

Sure, you don’t get the physical pleasure of the striking front cover and photographs, but in the end, the main attraction of a book is the quality of the story and the writing.

The digital revolution continues to change all our lives.

When I think off the time I spent leafing through the racks in record shops, enjoying the album artwork and credits lists on albums that I never bought, it seems like another lifetime.

It’s hard to remember the last time I bought a physical cd in a shop, whereas I bought a physical book only a few weeks ago.

So perhaps the ebook reader will change all our lives in the same way as iTunes did. Watch this space.

Certainly, I’ll be downloading ‘Le Freak’ after I’ve written this post, and enjoying spending time with one of the most innovative musicians of the past 30+ years.

His work with Chic, Bowie, Diana Ross and Madonna et al can still set my toes tapping and put a smile on my face.


Chic – Le Freak

David Bowie – Let\’s Dance


Diana Ross – Upside Down

Madonna – Like A Virgin


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