in praise of ….

There’s an editorial that pops up in The Guardian from time to time under the title ‘In Praise Of….’

The latest one is about the documentary film-maker Molly Dineen.

It’s prompted by the release of a dvd boxed set of all her films by the BFI, the British Film Institute.

Over the past 25 years, she’s chronicled a bewildering array of subjects.

The film that first grabbed my attention was her study in the early-90s of London Zoo, ‘The Ark.’

As the editorial points out, it’s 4 years since she last made a documentary. But like any great exponent of their art, whatever she turns her attention to next will be worth seeing.

The attached clip has ‘bad language,’ but seeing Molly Dineen for real for a quarter of an hour is what her style of film making is all about.

Molly Dineen on film making

Guardian Editorial



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