dear amy

In the avalanche of headlines and column inches about Amy Winehouse, you still get the feeling that we’ll never know definitively what drives someone so talented to self-destruct.

Even in the interviews with people who really knew her and were close to her, there’s still that question mark hanging in the air – why?

After her debut album ‘Frank’ came out, I had the pleasure (and it was a real pleasure) of sitting next to Amy at an awards ceremony in the summer of 2004.

She looked gorgeous in figure-hugging dress, high heels and those eye-catching tattoos, every inch the star she undoubtedly was, even at that early point in her career.

We chatted about who knows what, but I do remember she was charming and sassy and funny, and you can’t always say that about your dinner companions at such occasions.

After presenting an award, Amy leant over and slipped a tiny spoon from her dessert bowl into my jacket pocket.

‘A little souvenir, darlin’,’ she whispered, and headed off to mingle with the other guests.

Will I be listening to the posthumous ‘new’ album, ‘Lioness: Hidden Treasures’?

Probably not, but then I’m not a fan of previously unheard tracks released after an artist’s death.

Invariably it was unreleased because the artist  wasn’t happy with it. The 3 star/qualified reviews tend to suggest that it’s the same with this album.

But then who would begrudge making a donation to the charitable foundation that bears her name, helping those fighting their own demons.

Amy Winehouse – Stronger Than Me

Amy Winehouse – Back To Black

As for the spoon, it lives in the cutlery drawer. And every time it’s used, I think of dear Amy.



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  1. Kytle says:

    Listening to my iPod on shuffle today threw up a Nina Simone track, which I confess I hadn’t heard before.

    ‘I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl.’

    Enough said.

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