all of a blur

The announcement that Blur will receive the Outstanding Contribution to Music Award at the 2012 Brits will gladden the heart of any lover of British music.

I was involved in a radio documentary about the band around the time of ‘Think Tank.’

But as Graham Coxon had left during its making and wasn’t involved in the programme, it felt incomplete.

‘Out of Time’ from that record is one of my favourite Blur songs.

The Blur reunion gigs a couple of years back meant we all got chance to hear songs old and new with the full line-up.

Wonder what they’ll treat us to on the Big Night?

Blur – Girls and Boys – Glastonbury 2009

Blur – Out Of Time – Hyde Park 2009

If you come across a copy of Stuart Maconie’s ‘3862 Days,’ his official history of Blur, grab it.

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