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The artist Quentin Blake is best-known for his memorable illustrations in the books of Roald Dahl.

But I managed to catch an exhibition of his work (on its last day at Compton Verney in Warwickshire) aimed at a different audience.

Hospitals can be demoralising places for all sorts of reasons.

So for the past few years, Blake has been commissioned by various health organisations to produce drawings and artworks that will help lift the spirits.

It’s a simple yet effective idea, whatever your age, and whether you’re a hospital patient or visitor.

While I was going round the exhibition, one series of drawings – ‘Our Friends In The Circus’ – proved particularly popular with visitors of all ages.

They were created by Quentin Blake for a ward treating older patients with mental health issues.

It’s one of many theraputic arts projects involving big name artists and musicians initiated by the Nightingale Project.

You can see Quentin Blake’s ‘Our Friends In the Circus’ drawings and learn more about the project on the links below.

Quentin Blake – Our Friends In The Circus

The Nightingale Project – tv report

The Nightingale Project website


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