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How many original members of a band are needed on stage before you don’t feel someone is taking the proverbial?

A few years back, a friend and I witnessed a double-header featuring the Yardbirds and the Zombies.

Over our interval drink, we mused about whether just two original Yardbirds on stage (Chris Dreja and Jim McCarty) with various ‘sidemen’ making up the numbers was acceptable.

Would, say, one original member warrant the ‘brand’ being wheeled out for a loyal audience, or were we only a few dodgy steps away from the ‘hits’ territory mined so fruitfully by covers bands?

Fortunately, the Beach Boys have a few more surviving original members to call on, certainly more than many legendary acts touting their back catalogues around venues large and small.

So if the advance publicity for the BB’s 50th anniversary tour starting in April 2012 is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat.

Death has claimed Dennis and Carl Wilson (admittedly a reasonable excuse for not appearing), but with Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston and even David Marks on the stage together, there’s little chance of punters feeling short changed.

Marks appeared in a recent Dennis Wilson tv documentary, talking about being the kid next door to the Wilsons in suburban Hawthorne, California, who ended up in the band for a short while in the early surfin’ years.

Judging by his frank admission of the personal problems he surfed into when his Beach Boys membership was terminated, he’ll be particularly pleased that the BB roadshow is hitting the road one more time.

And I bet he’s not the only one.

Surfin’ USA – The Beach Boys with David Marks

The Beach Boys – 2012 tour trailer

The Beach Boys – official website


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