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Ralph Fiennes latest vehicle, ‘Coriolanus,’ hits the big screen next week.

As its star and director, ambition is clearly not in short supply.

Coriolanus – film trailer

Coriolanus – BBC News preview

As a student, I saw perhaps the definitive stage Coriolanus – Alan Howard in Terry Hands’ 1977 production for the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford.

Down the years, one image in particular has stayed with me – that of a blood-soaked Howard, clinging to ramparts which emerged from the stage until they towered high above the stalls.

Contemporary reviews by theatre critics like Michael Billington and Bernard Levin confirm I saw a quality piece of theatre.

Coriolanus 1977 – Alan Howard website

Now that departing RSC Artistic Director Michael Boyd has unveiled his Winter 2012 programme, it’ll be interesting to see where his successor takes the company next.

RSC – offical website

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