folk boom

News that Folk music is booming in Britain throws up the question – ‘what is Folk?’

According to the BPI, figures for album sales in 2011 show a 20% increase.

Artists like Laura Marling, Bellowhead, Gillian Welch and Daniel O’Donnell are among the artists cited as being responsible.

On that evidence, Folk as a genre is a broad church indeed.

I’ve posted about Laura Marling and sung her praises; seen Bellowhead ‘live’ – they are a force of nature; while Gillian Welch and Daniel O’Donnell also have their many admirers.

But for me, Folk is a nation’s traditional music – tunes and songs handed down from generation to generation.

A lot of the performers I enjoy today cut their teeth on traditional folk music, mostly in the Folk boom of the 60s.

So here are just three – Paul Brady with Irish band The Johnstons, Sandy Denny with Fairport Convention and John Martyn, who in ‘Spencer The Rover’ gives Rotherham a name check – and there aren’t many songs in popular music that do that.

The Johnstons – The Lark In The Morning

Fairport Convention – Matty Groves

John Martyn – Spencer The Rover

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