hancock’s day off

Tony Hancock is one of my favourite comic performers.

My brother bought me a record of extracts from the classic radio show ‘Hancock’s Half Hour’ around 30 years ago and since then, I’ve been hooked.

The news that an unfilmed Galton and Simpson big screen script for Hancock is getting its world premiere is almost too exciting for words.

‘The Day Off’ was meant to follow ‘The Rebel,’ but Hancock rejected it and the script was filed away by G & S in a bottom drawer.

So it’s fantastic that it’s being performed on Sunday at the BFI in London as part of the London Comedy Film Festival.    

‘The Day Off’ – BFI website

Radio 4’s ‘Broadcasting House’ had something of a scoop with an exclusive extract from the script.

And you can hear it on the attached link in the last 10 minutes of the programme.

‘The Day Off ‘ – extract on BBC Radio 4

And my favourite ‘Hancock’s Half Hour’?

That’s an impossible question to answer.

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