en vacances

Thoughts inevitably turn at this time of year to – summer holidays.

We’re bombarded with adverts and brochures inviting us to book that break in the sun.

So I thought, as you ponder those big decisions about where to go and how much to splash out, a little music might be needed to get you in the right mood.

Jacques Tati’s classic 1953 film ‘Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday’ – or ‘Les Vacances de M.Hulot’ – has, as its title suggests, the perfect soundtrack.

The main theme – ‘Quel Temps Fait-Il A Paris’ – was written by a French jazz musician called Alain Romans.

Alain Romans – theme from ‘M. Hulot’s Holiday’

It’s so irresistible that I find myself whistling it whenever I approach a seaside resort or beach. Funny that.

‘M.Hulot’s Holiday’ – trailer

If you enjoy a jazz take on classic French cinema, Dominic Alldis’ 2004 album featuring Iain Bellamy, Martin France (honest), Alec Dankworth and the strings of the Pavao Quartet is well worth checking out.

Dominic Alldis Octet – Themes From French Cinema

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