amelie moment

I had an ‘Amelie’ moment the other day.

You know the moment – where she finds a childhood treasure box behind the skirting board in her bathroom.

Well that happened to me.

Pretty much.

The postman brought a book-sized package, which was surprising as I’ve largely switched recently to eBooks.

I looked for clues as to its origins, and there on the back was a familiar address – the road where I lived with my family from the age of 5 till I went off to university at 18.

Opening the jiffy bag,  a book emerged that sent me back over 40 years.

Inside was a letter, which explained its return.

A couple, who were our neighbours then and still live in the house opposite, had been having a clear-out and came across it.

On the flyleaf of the book, my name and address had been written in what, for a 7 year-old, was my neatest handwriting.

They had thought I might like to be reunited with a once treasured possession.

They knew where to send it as we met up at my brother’s wedding over 20 years ago, and had since exchanged Christmas cards.

Flicking through the pages, there were more surprises.

I’d actually filled in the section ‘Me and My Friends in 1966,’ so there was a roll call of the other members of the Tawny Six in our local cub pack – plus other revelations about my favourite foods and pet hates.

And there in the diary section for 1966, which sadly I had failed to complete, was – a pressed wild flower.

Closer inspection revealed more pressed flowers and rose petals, which I have to say I have no memory of putting there.

Perhaps I didn’t.

I do remember that the couple’s son, who was several years younger,  joined the Cubs at some point in the 70s and he became the book’s owner.

Certainly, I was attached enough to the book to add my own autograph to the designated page at the age of 14 with the additional information, ‘ill with a cold.’

It’s wonderful to have it back, and how wonderful that our old neighbours should be so thoughtful.

‘Amelie’ is a great film with great music and a story that is almost too good to be true.

But now I know otherwise.

Amelie – film trailer


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