singing detective

The phrase ‘must-see tv’ is much bandied about.

But in the case of Dennis Potter’s magnificent ‘The Singing Detective,’ it’s justified.

It was due to be repeated in 2011 to mark its 25th birthday, but has been delayed until now because of ‘rights issues.’

So tomorrow night on BBC4 and for the next 6 Thursdays, we can watch it again in all its splendour.

Michael Gambon is just so good as Marlow.

So too is Joanne Whalley in one of her first major roles plus the ever wonderful Imelda Staunton.

I saw it go out originally in the Autumn of 1986 while living in a small flat in West London, and various sequences have stayed with me ever since.

The “Dem Bones” sequence is one of them.

The Singing Detective – Dem Bones sequence

‘The Singing Detective’ is a tour de force on so many levels that it’s best just to sit back and enjoy the spectacle.

The Singing Detective – BBC4

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  1. Bill Scott says:

    Agreed. Stumbled across it on TV the last time it aired, and immediately loved it.

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