the creation

Choral singing is one of mankind’s greatest inventions.

Which is why this weekend I will be jumping in a car with some good friends and going along to a ‘come and sing’ performance of Haydn’s ‘The Creation.’

We all turn up early afternoon, rehearse for a few hours, eat some tea and then do a performance in front of an audience of anyone who isn’t taking part in the performance.

To keep costs down, we’re all being encouraged to bring along our own copy of the music.

A search through a dusty pile of music upstairs miraculously yielded a Novello edition of ‘The Creation,’ which is the oneĀ  we’ll be using.

Inside was a programme for a performance of the piece from 1974, in which it seems I played 2nd clarinet in the orchestra rather than sang.

But I do remember singing ‘The Heavens Are Telling’ a few years earlier at a school concert, which was my first introduction to this magnificent oratorio.

No doubt there’ll be moments of ‘musical uncertainty’ caused by the lack of rehearsal…..

Roll on the weekend.

Haydn – The Heavens Are Telling

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