if grief could wait

With much of Europe in the icy grip of Winter, some music seems particularly appropriate to the season.

That’s the case with a new album by the Norwegian singer Susanna Wallumrod – ‘If Grief Could Wait’ (ECM).

With the harpist Giovanna Pessi, and supporting viola da gamba and nyckelharpa (a Swedish keyed fiddle), she’s recorded a sequence of songs by Purcell.

So far, so 17th century.

But also on the record are contemporary songs by ‘ Leonard Cohen (‘Who By Fire’) and Nick Drake (‘Which Will’).

It’s those tracks which are particularly beguiling, and transport you to another world.

Highly recommended.

There are sound clips of several tracks, including the Cohen and Drake tunes, on the album website.

Susanna K Wallumrod – If Grief Could Wait – website

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