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Two of the best music documentaries on tv recently were Martin Scorsese’s film about George Harrison, and ‘Simon and Garfunkel: The Harmony Game’ about the making of their classic album ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water.’

They don’t come much more influential than ‘the Quiet One’ and S&G, but tucked away in both films were subliminal references to an artist who deserves greater acclaim, but is largely forgotten these days, particularly in America – Laura Nyro.

When George’s ‘Something’ finally made it onto a Beatles single with ‘Come Together,’ we got a shot in the Scorsese film of the Billboard Top 10 for the week it got to No.1.

Three of the songs in the chart that week were written by Laura Nyro – ‘Wedding Bell Blues’ by the Fifth Dimension; ‘And When I Die’ by Blood, Sweat and Tears; and ‘Eli’s Comin” by Three Dog Night. You occasionally hear these versions on Sixties radio shows.

Then over in the S&G documentary, their producer/engineer Roy Halee delivered a fascinating insight into how the duo’s classic 1970 album came together.

What is revealed in Michele Kort’s marvellous book about Laura (‘Soul Picnic’ – Thomas Dunne Books,2002) is that at the same time, Halee was working with Laura Nyro on her classic album ‘New York Tendaberry.’

Says Halee: ‘I’m prejudiced, but I think it’s one of the greatest albums ever made in pop music.’

Laura Nyro on YouTube

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  1. Artamus says:

    Laura Nyro is AWESOME! It’s very irritating that she’s the Music industry’s best kept secret. I grew up loving her songs, without knowing who wrote them, but now that I’ve heard her originals, I have no more interest in the cover versions. Sorry Three Dog Night, 5th Dimension, and Barbra Streisand, but those songs BELONG to Laura Nyro, and she’s the ONLY one I want to hear sing them from now on! I only discovered her just a few months ago,(thanks to Fans posting her music on Youtube)and she has quickly become my all time favorite Artist. I truly hope more people start listening to her, she put a ton of heart and soul into every song she ever performed, and she deserves to be as Legendary as the Beatles.

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