Dr.Feelgood gave me one of life’s ‘what the heck is that?’ experiences.

Or rather Wilko Johnson, their rather startling guitarist, did – courtesy of the BBC’s ‘Old Grey Whistle Test.’

I don’t think I knew much, if anything, about the Feelgoods when they showed up on late night tv in 1975.

My musical preoccupations at the time were distinctly ‘prog’ – in particular Genesis, whose ‘Trick Of The Tail’ was rarely off my turntable during this period.

And then a throbbing, insistent, dirty riff kicked in – and we were hurtling towards Punk and post-Punk.

Wilko’s unique take on playing the guitar, while moving around the stage as if on wheels, was a formative experience for lots of us.

Dr.Feelgood – Roxette

Interviewing Paul Weller many years later, he told me that Dr.Feelgood and particularly their album ‘Down By The Jetty’ had given the early Jam a kick in the right direction.

So the arrival on 2nd April of a box set, ‘All Through The City’ (EMI), covering their first 4 albums plus loads of extras and a performance dvd sounds like the birthday present (8th April since you’re asking) that I can look forward to receiving.

Note to self – must rewatch Julien Temple’s Oil City Confidential,’ which does the Feelgoods story so well and has deservedly given Wilko and his music a new lease of life.

Lee Brilleaux RIP.

Oil City Confidential – trailer

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