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I just put the word ‘reggae’ into the search engine for this blog, and confirmed what I already knew.

That in 3 months of posting, I’ve not once mentioned it, let alone devoted a whole post to reggae.

So let’s rectify that now by writing about the new Kevin Macdonald documentary ‘Marley.’

It’s been getting pretty positive reviews at this week’s Berlin International Film Festival, despite (or perhaps because) it’s 144 minutes long – that’s 2 hours 24 minutes in old money.

Sanctioned by the Marley estate and Island Records, it’s likely to appear in a slightly shorter version when it gets a cinema and dvd release in the Spring (20th April 2012 in the US, UK date to follow).

Doubtless, we’re unlikely to a get a more definitive telling of the Marley story – and of course, there’s always the music.

Marley – official trailer

While we’re in a reggae mood, here’s a great band from Birmingham, whose music was part of my teenage years and still sounds good.

Steel Pulse – Ku Klux Klan

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