repo man

Picture the scene – school’s finished for the day, and we pupils are converging on the Hall for the first meeting of the Wirral Grammar School ‘Film Society.’

It’s the early 1970s and the prospect for teenage boys like me of seeing Raquel Welch in a fur bikini in ‘One Million Years BC’ is proving a big draw.

The older boy responsible for organising this bold piece of programming is called Alex Cox.

Fast forward to 1984 and Alex Cox is now a graduate of the UCLA film school, and has directed his first movie.

‘Repo Man’ has just been re-released, this time on Blu Ray (Eureka Masters of Cinema series), so there’s an ideal opportunity to revisit what is widely regarded as a cult classic.

Because of my very distant link with its creator, I went to see ‘Repo Man’ at the cinema when it first came out, and marvelled at the product of Cox’s experiences in LA with no doubt a little bit of the Wirral thrown in (not).

The film’s look and atmosphere are evident in the work of people like the Coen Brothers, and particularly ‘No Country For Old Men.’

So if you haven’t ever seen it, prepare for an unsettling, but gripping experience.

Repo Man – movie trailer

One Million Years BC – movie trailer

Alex Cox – official website

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