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Fairport Convention finished their annual Winter Tour last night with a concert at the Union Chapel in Islington, London.

If you didn’t manage to catch the band at one of their 40 gigs over the past few weeks across the UK, then you’ll be able to see the concert later in the year on BBC4.

To mark 45 years as a working band, the Beeb are planning a special evening – with the concert and a documentary, chronicling the group’s history and musical contribution.

Unarguably, they invented Folk Rock – so it should be interesting to see how that story is told.

The moment when the genre emerged is captured in their 11-minute version of ‘A Sailor’s Life’ – reputedly a first take.

Richard Thompson and Sandy Denny remain their best known members, but I hope the programme manages to explore Simon Nicol’s contribution to the band’s illustrious history.

A great rhythm guitar player in his own right, he’s been there throughout – which is a feat of endurance in its own right.

My own favourite Fairport album isn’t ‘Liege and Lief,’ but ‘Unhalfbricking’ where Sandy Denny’s voice is at its peak.

Fairport Convention – A Sailor’s Life

Fairport Convention – Who Knows Where The Time Goes

Fairport Convention – official website

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