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Jazz is a many headed beast – or as the late, great Ian Dury put it ‘a two-edged sword.’

A mere mention of the word ‘jazz’ can send many music fans running miles in the opposite direction.

So I’m reluctant to put any sort of tag on the music of Esperanza Spalding – double bass player, singer and Grammy Winner in 2011 for ‘Best New Artist.’

Her music certainly has jazz at its heart in that she explores her own compositions and cover versions in a way that jazz lovers will recognise.

So for me, ‘Radio Song’ from her new album ‘Radio Music Society’ (Decca) has echoes of Steely Dan and Weather Report.

And as a singer, she has the sensibility of Judie Tzuke, who most people will associate with  her hit ballad ‘Stay Me With ‘Til Dawn,’ but whose best records have that same jazz-fused quality.

Enough description from me.

Enjoy the music.

Esperanza Spalding – Radio Song

Esperanza Spalding – official website


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  1. I caught a TV programme a few months back of her playing at a US festival. She is, indeed, multi-talented and has a great future ahead of her. As an ex-bass player myself (some 40+ years ago, when you could count the number of female bass player on the fingers of one thumb), I can only sit and wonder at the amazing ability and self-confidence of one so young.

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