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The start of the new Formula 1 motor racing season coincided with me seeing the 2010 documentary about the late, great driver Ayrton Senna.

Now available on dvd, it was worth the wait.

‘Senna’ is not just a great sports movie – it’s a fascinating insight into what drives competitive people and the lengths to which they are prepared to go.

When I was growing up, racing drivers died with casual regularity – it was a life-threatening sport and some of the great drivers of the 60s, 70s and 80s didn’t reach retirement.

When Senna died in a crash at Imola in 1994, it was still a terrible shock and was particularly awful as he was clearly a super-talented sportsman, who was much-loved.

Perhaps the most fitting tribute to him, as the film reveals,  is that in the years since, safety improvements in F1 have resulted in no further fatalities.

Quite a remarkable statistic.

The film is wholly reliant on archive footage, blended with race commentary in assorted languages and contemporary interviews.

A stunning technical achievement and a poignant story powerfully told.

Senna – movie trailer



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