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I’ve just been to check, but what I suspected is actually true – I don’t have anything by Schubert (1797-1828) in my cd or online music collection.

How this state of affairs has come about, it’s difficult to say.

Like certain bands or performers in other musical genres, he’s just not someone I’ve ever felt the need to investigate further.

I can’t even say my head is full of Schubert tunes or I know much more than the names of a few of his best-known works.

At a stretch, the Trout Quintet or his ‘Unfinished’ Symphony.

So I’m going to be perfect audience material for the latest BBC Radio 3 ‘Composerthon,’ dedicated this time to Schubert.

Starting tomorrow, ‘The Spirit of Schubert’ will play around 200 hours of his music in the course of a thousand performances.

It’ll be 8 days before we’ve got through it all, so at the end I’ll hope to report back on whether any of Schubert’s music will be getting shelf or hard drive space here at Kytle.

My bet is that it will.

ps. apologies for the rather naff ‘trout’ at the start of the YouTube clip. The music’s good though.

The Spirit of Schubert – BBC Radio 3 website

Schubert – The Trout Quintet


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  1. John Wood says:

    Don’t miss the other quintet ‘String quintet in C’ maybe the most sublime piece of music ever. The Great C major Symphony No.9 is pretty good as well.

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