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50 years ago today on 18th April 1962, a jazz album was released that gave birth to a Grammy-winning song.

‘Cast Your Fate To The Wind’ was voted ‘Best Original Jazz Composition’ the following year, and half a century later exemplifies pop-jazz at its best.

The song is the best-known track on the album ‘Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus’ by the Vince Guaraldi Trio with Guaraldi on piano, Monty Budwig on bass and Colin Bailey on drums.

San Francisco born, Guaraldi (1928-1976) is even better known for composing music for the ‘Charlie Brown’ tv cartoon series.

‘Fate’ not only won a Grammy, but was also a chart hit and has been successfully covered by many artists.

Jazz purists are inclined to turn up their noses at Guaraldi’s brand of pop-jazz.

But he undoubtedly had a talent for creating catchy tunes as revealed in his neat commercial work on ‘Charlie Brown.’

‘Cast Your Fate To The Wind’ has also endured.

The album, which also includes bossa nova tunes by┬áLuis Bonfa and Antonio Carlos Jobim from the 1959 film ‘Black Orpheus,’ was originally released on Fantasy Records.

My copy is in the Original Jazz Classics series.

If you don’t know the song or the album, it’s well worth checking out.

He may not have the qualities of say Dave Brubeck or Ramsey Lewis, but I do think Vince Guaraldi deserves his place in jazz history.

Vince Guaraldi Trio – Cast Your Fate To The Wind

Vince Guaraldi Trio – Charlie Brown theme

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