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Historians are always keen to get their hands on original documents.

Whereas memory can be fallible, the written word is there in front of you, especially when it’s a contemporaneous record that’s survived a period of time.

I can’t claim that a couple of sheets of A4 that I found in an old shoe box the other day amount to a document historians would be interested in.

But my ‘Concerts I/We Have Been To’ list covering the years 1974 to 1998 is interesting in that it reminds me of gigs that I had erased from my memory.

Did I really see a fledgling Def Leppard on their ‘High ‘n’ Dry’ tour at the Newcastle City Hall in the summer of 1981?

Or my beloved Human League, suffering a critical backlash from their Jam and Lewis produced album ‘Crash,’ at the Apollo in Manchester in January 1987?

And can I have forked out good money to see the guitarist Gordon Giltrap 3 times – in 1978, 1986 and 1989 – at venues in Leeds, London and Manchester?

I love ‘Heartsong,’ but my enthusiasm must have got the better of me.

Well over 100 rock and pop concerts make the list, which I remember starting in the early 90s on a Canon ‘Starwriter’ keyboard that stored data on floppy discs.

As the decade went along, I mined my memory banks for concerts I had been to during my teens and 20s – and then added those I went to at the time.

When our first home computer arrived, out went the ‘Starwriter’ and the list stopped with Neil Finn (without Crowded House) at the Oxford Apollo in September 1998.

No doubt I missed a few, but the majority are fresh in my mind because I shared the experience of going with my wife or friends, and there are stories attached to them.

Some you’ve been exposed to during this blog’s short life, and now this list has come to light, I can guarantee that my recollections will be checked against the ‘Concerts I/We Have Been To’ list before being committed to cyberspace.

The post-1998 period will just have to take its chance.

Def Leppard – Bringin’ On the Heartbreak

The Human League – Human

The Gordon Giltrap Band – Heartsong

Neil Finn – Sinner

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