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One of the most interesting¬† sequences in tonight’s ‘Reggae Britannia’ documentary on BBC4 is devoted to a phenomenon that doesn’t even mention the term ‘reggae.’

‘Lovers Rock’ was an off-shoot of the music that had a softer, romantic tone, and inspired a hugely popular scene in London during the late 70s and early 80s.

Of all the ‘Lovers Rock’ tunes, Janet Kay’s ‘Silly Games’ is perhaps the best-known, reaching number 2 in the UK in 1979.

Another artist forever associated with the scene is Carroll Thompson, who for a short time later in the 80s fronted one of my favourite cult bands – Floy Joy.

In the documentary, first shown in 2011 and which I can highly recommend, the two singers talk enjoyably about the music they created.

And there’s some great archive of them performing in venues where ‘Lovers Rock’ ruled.

On the day that the new acclaimed ‘Marley’ documentary hits UK cinemas and is even being streamed on Facebook (for US$7), it’s timely that Britain’s reggae heritage is being celebrated.

Janet Kay – Silly Games

Carroll Thompson – I’m So Sorry

Reggae Britannia – BBC4 trailer

Reggae Britannia – BBC iPlayer

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