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Tonight in the UK, millions of us will sit down to watch a documentary series that has been part of our lives for nearly half a century.

’56 Up’ is the latest instalment in a series that began in 1964 following a group of then 7 year-old children.

Every 7 years, we’ve revisited their lives to find out what has happened to them.

Initially it began as a series about the British class system.

But while most of the people featured have stayed pretty much where they started in life, the programme has woven its way in to the lives of those of us who follow it.

For me, it strikes a particular chord as the 14 people profiled are only two years older and so their life experience has run in tandem with my own.

I’ve tried to avoid too many preview articles and inteviews with the participants to ensure that I get the maximum ‘surprise’  factor.

But I’ll be particularly interested to catch up with Peter, who we haven’t seen since ’28 Up,’ but who decided to do the programme to help promote his band, The Good Intentions.

Just to illustrate how the world has changed musically since Granada TV launched this ground-breaking project, here are the UK top 3 for the week ending 7th May 1964 when ‘7 Up’ was first broadcast.

You can see ’56 Up’ on ITV1 on the next three Monday nights at 2100.

I, for one, will again be watching.

The Searchers – Don’t Throw Your Love Away – Number 1

The Bachelors – I Believe – Number 2

Millie – My Boy Lollipop – Number 3

Trailer – 49 Up

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