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The chance to get international publicity for your band is one that few of us would turn down.

But when that opportunity means returning to a tv programme you turned your back on three decades ago, the decision must have taken careful consideration.

That’s how we get to see Peter Davies as part of ’56 Up’ (ITV1), undoubtedly a landmark television documentary that first put Davies on our small screens when he was 7 in 1964.

The series has revisited its 14 participants every 7 years since to find out how life has treated them.

For Davies, the negative press reaction to his 28 year-old self in ’28 Up’ proved too much and we’ve not seen him featured since.

In the past few years, he’s launched a musical career as one third of The Good Intentions, hence the shrewd move to harness the pulling power of a worldwide tv hit.

Judging by the plaudits on their website and the fact that they’re currently recording a third album, The Good Intentions seem to be doing ok on their own.

So if you enjoy country-tinged Americana, then you might enjoy this British musical export.

Gone So Long – The Good Intentions

The Good Intentions – official website


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  1. Tilly says:

    Saw the segment on 56 Up, and had already liked on facebook before the end of it. Good move. Well done. =)

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