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Re-issues have become a steady earner for the music industry.

Dipping into the back catalogue and unearthing rare tracks and alternate takes that fans might enjoy has proved a sure-fire winner.

For those of us looking to replace tired and worn out cassettes of favourite albums, the re-issue trend is a godsend.

So tomorrow’s re-issue of the first four albums by Everything But The Girl (or ebtg) is very timely.

‘Idlewild,’ their 1988 album, was my entry point to ebtg and so having fallen in love with the band and their music, the cassette is in a sorrow old state.

I first learned that the re-issue albums were coming a few months back via Twitter on which Ben Watt @buzzin_fly and Tracey Thorn @tracey_thorn have become stars.

Edsel have been doing comprehensive re-issues for a while, so you get the original album plus a second cd including b-sides, demos and BBC sessions.

Also, there’s my favourite part of these packages – the booklet of notes about the making of the record, and track by track info.

Yes, I know. It’s sad, isn’t it?

But then music does it have its trainspotter moments, and this looks like one I’ll particularly enjoy.

EBTG – Love Is Here Where I Live

EBTG – Tears All Over Town

EBTG – re-issues website


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