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The June issue of ‘Jazzwise’ magazine just out devotes a two-page spread to Victor Feldman, whose praises I shouted from the rooftops earlier this month.

The article by the London Evening Standard’s jazz writer Jack Massarik also includes the recollections of Victor’s life-long friend Derek Coleman.

Derek, who I too have interviewed about Victor, is well placed to put his musical and personal life in the context of a friendship that began when they were schoolboys.

Massarik also highlights ‘The Pick of Vic,’ including some recent re-issues such as ‘Four Classic Albums’ (Avid Jazz), which features recordings from 1955-1958 including ‘The Arrival of Victor Feldman.’

In my posts about Victor (11th, 12th and 13th May 2012), I neglected to highlight any recordings of his jazz standard ‘Seven Steps To Heaven.’

So I thought I’d put that right with the Miles 1963 original featuring a 17 year-old Tony Williams on drums, and Victor’s replacement in the quintet Herbie Hancock, plus George Coleman on tenor saxophone and Ron Carter on bass.

American jazz pianist Lynne Arriale recorded ‘Seven Steps’ a few years back in what I think is a stunning version, and well worth checking out in full on her ‘Lynne Arriale Trio Live’ album.

Miles Davis Quintet – Seven Steps To Heaven

Lynne Arriale – Seven Steps To Heaven

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