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News that digital music sales have overtaken physical formats such as CDs and vinyl in the UK for the first time coincided with my first visit to a record shop in goodness knows how long.

I wanted to buy the Everything But The Girl re-issue of ‘Idlewild,’ which I posted about earlier this week (27th May 2012).

So I dropped into a branch of HMV that I was passing, and found what I was looking for in the basement.

The heartening part of the whole experience was when I paid for my purchase, and got chatting to the sales assistant – a guy in his 20s I would guess.

He told me that 4 EBTG albums were just in this week as re-issues, which amazed me, particularly as he admitted that he only knew a couple of tracks (‘Missing’ perhaps being one of them?).

I talked up their music, and also pointed him towards Tracey Thorn’s twitter feed, which I find laugh-out-loud hilarious.

There she tweets about the joys of being a mum to 14 year-old twin girls and a 10 year-old boy as well as music news like currently recording a Christmas album.

What I’d forgotten about ‘Idlewild’ and is revealed in the booklet notes is that the album was reissued to capitalise on the success of EBTG’s excellent cover of ‘I Don’t Want To Talk About It.’

Of course, I’m old enough to remember Rod Stewart’s 1975 version, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard Crazy Horse’s original featuring the song’s writer Danny Whitten.

So here are all three versions to prove that a good song never loses its magic when treated with love and respect.

Crazy Horse – I Don’t Want To Talk About It

Everything But The Girl – I Don’t Want To Talk About It

Rod Stewart – I Don’t Want To Talk About It

Danny Whitten – official website

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