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On a wet bank holiday weekend, watching a favourite film again on dvd can effortlessly while away a few hours.

In a recent post, I touched on ‘Gregory’s Girl,’ Bill Forsyth’s 1980 hit film starring John Gordon (or as it says on the credits Gordon John) Sinclair, Dee Hepburn and Clare Grogan.

It’s a while since I last watched it, so it was a pleasure to be reunited with the characters and several catchphrases and lines of script that have entered our family vocabulary.

If you know and love the film, you’ll have your own.

The film’s soundtrack by Colin Tully has also stood the test of time.

A saxophonist, it’s his soprano sax that is the lead instrument on the film’s memorable theme.

I’d seen his name on album credits in the years since, most notably on albums by John Martyn.

More recently he played with a Celtic Jazz band called Sensorium, and these days teaches the Alexander Technique.

Colin Tully – website

But what I didn’t realise until Googling him a few minutes ago is that he was a member of Cado Belle.

A Scottish band, they made a few waves in the mid Seventies, and I actually saw them play at a university Summer Ball in 1977.

I’m not sure if the music had anything to do with it, but that Summer Ball was my first ‘date’ with the woman who 35 years later has again just watched ‘Gregory’s Girl’ with me.

I think it’s called romance.

Gregory’s Girl – main theme

Gregory’s Girl – 30th anniversary reunion

Movie Connections – Gregory’s Girl

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