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Tonight’s second instalment of BBC4’s ‘Punk Britannia’ series promises to give the years 1976-78 a good going over.

From the Sex Pistols tv moment courtesy of Bill Grundy, it all ‘kicked off’ so to speak.

For me, the acid test of whether the programme really hits the mark will be if it finds room for the Punk-inspired classic ‘Jilted John’ by Jilted John from the late Summer of 1978.

There was and still is something faintly farcical about Punk.

Jilted John, the alter ego of comic genius Graham Fellows, superbly captured that absurdity and the British ability to laugh at ourselves.

There was even a voice in this household calling for the song’s inclusion in the Diamond Jubilee disco playlist earlier this week, representing 1978.

But as you can see (‘Jubilee Playlist,’ 5th June 2012), the Bee Gees ‘Night Fever’ won out.

Fellows later comic creations have proved to have real longevity, most notably John Shuttleworth, his extended family of Shuttleworths and sole agent (and next door neighbour) Ken Shuttleworth.

John’s Eurovision entry ‘Pigeons In Flight’ would certainly have gathered more points than Engelbert Humperdinck did recently.

And the rest of Europe would have been laughing at us for the right reasons.

Jilted John – Jilted John

John Shuttleworth – Pigeons In Flight

Punk Britannia – BBC iPlayer

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