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My post ‘If You Were Me’ (21st May 2012) has prompted a response from one of the people, who took part in the series.

Jane Walker was Jane Curtis from Lavenham in Suffolk when she was linked up with Stephanie Kranz from Bavaria in Germany in the 5th show of the series in March 1971.

You can read about Jane’s memories of the programme and what she’s upto these days in the ‘Recent Comments’ section on the homepage.

Aside from Keith Powell, whose story I wrote about in my original post, I thought it might be interesting to see if anyone out there knew of the whereabouts of the other participants.

My last contact with some of the UK participants was in 1996

They were Jamie Currie from Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, who was working in the insurance industry and who was linked with Andrea Franchi from Assisi in Italy.

Nicola French, who married and as Nicola Round lived near Badminton in Gloucestershire. She was linked with Milica Zaric from what was then Yugoslavia, whose married name was Popovic and lived in Obrenovac, Serbia.

Campbell Aitken from Aberdeen worked as an engineer on the North Sea oil rigs, and was linked with Jan Osterbrook from Hoorn in Holland.

And finally, Nicholas Turpin from Bristol, who I didn’t manage to contact, and was linked with Alptekin Oklayer from Turkey.

In memory of Keith Powell, whose nickname his website reveals was ‘Cozy, here are a couple of tunes featuring the great drummer (1947-98).


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