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My last few Friday evenings have been devoted to the BBC4 series ‘Punk Britannia’ and tonight is no exception.

Post-Punk (1978-81), the subject of the final documentary in what has been an engaging series, is no doubt an academic course somewhere.

Or perhaps it’s called New Wave, which is another tag given to this burst of creative activity after the gobbing had died down.

It’s perhaps the musical period in rock that I like the most and spawned some of my favourite bands and artists.

One of the bands featured tonight is Gang Of Four, who emerged from Leeds at the same time I was a student at the university there.

If memory serves, drummer Hugo Burnham was even studying in the School of English as I was.

Inevitably, of course, I didn’t see them play ‘live,’ which I’m really ashamed about, playing lots of gigs in the city during the late 70s and going on as they did to influence a whole load of other bands.

As students with a ‘hot’ group in our midst, we took a keen interest in which major label they would sign with, but I was never convinced EMI was a good fit.

One of the cooler independents would have been much better.

Still, we have the tunes to enjoy, and ‘At Home He’s A Tourist’ from their debut album ‘Entertainment’ still bristles with energy.

Wire came out of a parallel sound world, and this tune, also from 1979 and celebrating the location of Centerville, Iowa in the US, also still cuts the mustard.

Gang of Four – At Home He’s A Tourist

Wire – Map Ref. 41 degrees N, 93 degrees W

Punk Britannia – BBC iPlayer

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  1. Hugo B says:

    English it was, indeed. I even graduated….with a 3rd.

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