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My post on 6th June, the anniversary of D-Day, prompted me to download the historian Antony Beevor’s book about the Normandy campaign.

Published by Penguin in 2009, it’s back in the bestseller lists and is one of several history books that are currently proving popular, including Beevor’s new one volume about the Second World War.

Last Monday, I heard a really good round-table discussion on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Start The Week’ with Beevor and fellow historians Max Hastings, Juliet Gardiner and Niall Ferguson.

Beevor’s blog reveals an insight into the competitive world of best-selling historians, where an attack by Ferguson on Hastings and Beevor was prompted by the pair not mentioning HIS book.

So it’s not just rock stars and sports icons, who can be bitchy about each other.

My plan with Beevor’s D-Day book is to read it in time with the Normandy campaign which unfolded through June, July and August, and in which my father took part as a member of the Royal Artillery.

It’s not the first book I’ve read about this chapter of the Second World War.

But it’s one that, with my family connection, I feel I need to explore.

Antony Beevor – official website

Start The Week – BBC iPlayer

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