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My couple of recent posts about Gang Of Four (15th and 16th June 2012) found their way to the band’s original drummer Hugo Burnham, who was a contemporary of mine at Leeds University.

Don’t you just love that about blogging and social media – a small world and all that.

Anyway, Hugo happened to mention in the email that followed his post (‘Recent Comments’) that he had spent much of his time at uni involved in theatre as well as making music.

A night’s sleep followed, and I awoke with the thought that I’d seen Hugo in one of the student productions that he had so much enjoyed – ‘Zigger Zagger’ by Peter Terson.

The play about football hooligans was written for the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain in 1967.

Bearing in mind current concerns about violence between fans in Ukraine and Poland for Euro 2012, its themes are still topical.

Sadly, there are no clips on YouTube even though it’s been a popular choice for school plays in its time (as the attached photo from a recent production shows), and I’m pretty sure that it made its way onto the BBC at one point.

So here instead is a musical connection that you might enjoy.

‘Zigger Zagger’ was a familiar terrace chant at one time, and seems to have prompted UK ska star, the late Laurel Aitken, to celebrate Chelsea FC at the turn of the century – Champions League winners, of course, just a few weeks ago.

Laurel Aitken & The Shed Enders – Zigger Zagger

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