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The news that July’s issue of The Word magazine will be the last is sad for anyone who enjoys music writing.

I bought the first issue and eventually took out a subscription, and also learned about a number of new artists via the ‘Now Hear This ‘ cd, which appeared each month.

While waiting for last night’s ‘Quadrophenia’ documentary to start, I was browsing my shelves of CDs and my eye was caught by one called ‘The Who Jukebox.’

Put together in 2006 by another fine magazine, Mojo, it lists 15 tracks chosen by Pete Townshend and Roger Daltry to reflect music they listened to on the road.

Then from closer inspection of the sleevenotes, you discover that each had submitted separate lists – 18 from Pete and 22 from Roger – so the CD actually cherry picks from each of their choices.

While I’d known that Townshend and Daltrey had a fractious relationship in The Who, the ‘Quadrophenia’ documentary revealed all sorts of interesting details about their creative hositilies.

Notably that Daltrey recorded his vocals without any input from Townshend – he wasn’t even in the studio.

The way Daltrey described this, it was almost while Townshend had written and demoed every note of ‘Quadrophenia,’  the singer was able to make or break the project.

Intriguing stuff.

Here are two of the tunes from the Mojo CD – I’ll leave you to decide who chose which track.

Cannonball Adderley Sextet – Tengo Tengo

Etta James – Tell Mama

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