reinventing the wheel

Going out on the road and playing your greatest hits has become the default setting of many acts of yesteryear.

But Elvis Costello has, for some time, presented his finest moments with a slight twist.

Audiences are treated to ‘The Wheel,’ which features more than 30 songs from the Costello back catalogue.

With a little punter participation, tunes from the Spinning Songbook are chosen and duly performed in a random order each night, keeping fans and musicians on their toes.

At a recent gig on his UK tour with The Imposters, my brother found himself being selected to choose a song for the great man to perform.

Being a fan of long standing, he was spoilt for choice, but picked ‘Oliver’s Army’ to which he was then obliged to ‘dad dance’ along with in an on-stage cage.

Costello is undoubtedly one of the finest singer-songwriters Britain has produced, and his ‘live’ excursions prove there’s a creative approach to churning out the hits.

Over the weekend, he headlined the Cornbury Festival in Oxfordshire and according to today’s Sun newspaper, ‘belted out a two-hour, hit-packed set.’

He heads out to South Korea and Japan later this month before reaching the US in September and October, which I mention as this Blog has readers in all those territories.


Elvis Costello – The Wheel – official website

Elvis Costello – Oliver’s Army

Elvis Costello – Accidents Will Happen

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