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Writing a hit song used to be guaranteed to keep you in cornflakes for the rest of your life.

But not, it seems, anymore.

Def Leppard have become the latest artists to fall out with their record label over payment for digital downloads of their past hits.

The Leps remedy is very much in the spirit of their approach to making music.

They’ve gone back in to the studio to record ‘brand new, exact same’ versions of songs like ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ and ‘Rock Of Ages.’

As graduates of the ‘perfection that sounds natural’ school of recording, this must have been quite a tall order, especially without original producer Mutt Lange behind the desk.

The result is they have more control over where the re-recorded songs are sold and used – which then turns into a bigger share of any proceeds.

This ‘like for like’ painstaking recereation process was pioneered by Squeeze, who did the exact same thing a couple of years ago with their ‘Spot The Difference’ project.

Interestingly, Universal Music Group own the rights to the original recordings of both bands.

And both bands are currently making their way across the United States on extensive summer tours – Def Leppard with Poison, and Squeeze with the B52s.

Joe Elliott of Def Leppard has admitted that recreating the vocal gymnastics of his 22 year-old self was only one of the challenges faced in making forgeries of their own work.

And if you scroll down the Squeeze home page, you’ll hear Squeeze’s Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford talking about ‘Spot The Difference’ and the amount of work involved in forging originals of 14 classic songs.

Def Leppard – Rock Of Ages 2012 tour promo

Def Leppard – official website

Squeeze – Spot The Difference promo

Squeeze – official website

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