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An album I highlighted in March is now commercially available and attracting good reviews and media interest.

Sam Lee’s record ‘Ground Of Its Own’ (Nest Collective Records) celebrates the British folk tradition, and there’s lots of information about it in my post ‘Sam Lee’ (21st March 2012).

Sam was interviewed on last night’s ‘Front Row’ on BBC Radio 4, talking enthusiastically about his exploration of the roots of folk music in the UK.

He’s an interesting figure and one whose take on folk music looks like giving it another lease of life.

When you’ve got figures of the standing of Shirley Collins and Joe Boyd giving their support, it’s surely worth taking notice.

If you want to hear Sam sing, then he’s playing gigs over the next weeks in support of the album.

Sam Lee – 21st March 2012

The ‘Front Row’ feature about Sam is the second item in.

The first one highlights a new documentary about Amy Winehouse, which is getting a showing shortly on BBC4, and which I will return to in a later post.

Front Row feature on Sam Lee – BBC iPlayer

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