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Seeing ‘Tom Waits’ appear as a trend on Twitter had me fearing the worst.

But I’m glad to say it was merely an indication of interest in a couple of tv appearances in America promoting his newest  album ‘Bad As Me’ (Anti).

Waits as performer is, I know, an acquired taste, but as a songwriter he has few peers.

Four years ago, I buried my own doubts about his vocal stylings and headed for a show he did at the Edinburgh Playhouse on his ‘Glitter And Doom’ tour.

You could tell it was an event as I was only allowed entry to the venue on production of my passport.

In a bid to deter touts, tickets were indvidually watermarked and a passport was one of the forms of ID accepted.

It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to, and Tom the singer and I were finally reconciled.

His speaking voice is perhaps a thing of even greater beauty, and you can enjoy a great Waits tale courtesy of his chat with David Letterman.

Courtesy of a visit to his website, I also came across a brilliant short film narrated by Waits about the American conceptual artists John Baldessari.

It might be the best 5 minutes and 55 seconds you spend this year.

Tom Waits on Letterman – ‘Chicago’ and interview

Tom Waits – ‘A Brief History of John Baldessari’

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