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Fan funding has become an increasingly popular method of helping rock and pop artists make music.

The simple idea is that fans do what record companies have traditionally done.

Pay for an album or a tour up front.

So as the music industry has contracted and has less money to spend, more artists have gone down the ‘fan funding’ route.

The phenomenon earned air-time yesterday on the BBC’s flagship speech radio show ‘Today.’

The resulting item that will have given heart to both fans and music industry executives.

According to the item, which you can hear about ten minutes from the end of the show, both business models are still valid.

That’s whether you’re a band with a small fanbase that has the potential to grow or a mid-size act in search of arenas.

Credit here is due to the British rock act Marillion, who as far back as 1997 undertook a US tour funded entirely by fans.

In the years since, Marillion fans have helped fund the recording of the band’s albums.

It’s that type of devotion that is impossible to put a price on.

‘Today’ – Fan Funding item – BBC iPlayer

Marillion – official website

I don’t know Marillion’s more recent repertoire, but I hope they still find room in their set for this classic.

Marillion – Kayleigh

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