Josephine Oniyama is a 29 year-old singer-songwriter from Manchester in the UK.

Her debut album is due in the Autumn and she has a single taken from it out on 20th August.

Under the name ‘Josephine,’  I hope she gets the attention she deserves as her music is immediate and impassioned.

The single ‘What A Day’ doesn’t hang about and the production suits her voice and the urgency of the song.

Josephine is also playing ‘live’ in London and Manchester during July, so let’s hope there are more dates across the UK to tie in with the album’s release.

The album is called ‘Portrait’ (Ark Recordings) and is released on 8th October.

And I can recommend a visit to her website, which is full of good things and will tell you more about her music and her life.

I hope you enjoy her music as much as I am.

Josephine – ‘A Freak A’

Josephine – I Think It Was Love

Josephine – official website

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