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Musicians who don’t settle for repeating themselves have always interested me.

That’s perhaps why the career of Joe Jackson is one that I’ve followed since his first single ‘Is She Really Going Out With Him’ caught my attention in 1979.

Several Jackson albums occupy my cd shelves and he’s up there at the top of a list of artists I’ve seen ‘live’ several times.

In fact, while researching a recent tweet about the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary gig, I was alarmed to discover that JJ was one of the support acts for the Stones mega-concert in Leeds in 1982 which I attended.

My memory is of seeing the J.Geils Band doing ‘Centerfold’ and other less memorable bubblegum rock tunes before the Stones hit the stage.

But of Mr.Jackson doing a set to promote his newly-released album ‘Night and Day,’ memory have I none.

All I can think is that I didn’t know about it or arrive early enough to see what would have been my first JJ gig – disappointing doesn’t begin to cover it.

My JJ interest/obsession began to wane at the end of the 90s when frankly his career also began to run out of puff.

So it’s heartening to report that his new project ‘The Duke’ (Razor & Tie), celebrating the music of Duke Ellington, is generating a bit of a buzz.

The documentary below has lots of music from the album and features musicians such as Iggy Pop, Sharon Jones and Christian McBride plus lots of Joe’s take on the record.

Commercially, ‘Night and Day’ will always be his high watermark, so enjoy a web exclusive from his recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s tv show.

The Duke – documentary

Joe Jackson – Another World

Joe Jackson – official website

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