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A great documentary highlighting the uncertain future facing a New York record store (‘For The Records,’ 18th July 2012) is followed today by another record store story.

‘Laurie’s Planet Of Sound’ in Chicago has got cyberspace abuzz – thanks to an old-fashioned hand-written note that appeared on the premises.

Under the heading ‘The Do Not Never Ever Buy List,’ it listed those acts and artists whose past work no longer has a second hand market value.

If you look at the list, posted recently by an employee, you’ll no doubt be shocked if one of your all-time faves is there.

Or disappointed if you’ve got a load of old vinyl or cds that you no longer want, and thought might have a re-sale value.

Well, not at ‘Laurie’s Planet Of Sound.’

Laurie’s Planet of Sound – ‘Do Not Never Ever Buy’ list

I’m sure we could all add our own suggestions to the list, and remember that pop music is by its nature ‘here today, gone tomorrow.’

So it’s hardly surprising that acts, who have clocked up their fair share of sales and achieve a modicum of fame, go in and out of style.

In the interests of accuracy, I’d like to reclaim Bozz (sic) Scaggs from the record store dumper, and offer up these gems from his back catalogue.

‘Another Day (Another Letter)’ comes from his eponymous 1969 Atlantic album recorded in Mussel Shoals, Alabama.

And his 1976 mega-seller ‘Silk Degrees’ is choc full of great songs and great arrangements.

Perhaps a store that can’t correctly spell a great American singer-songwriter’s name isn’t worth visiting anyway.

Boz Scaggs – Another Day (Another Letter)

Boz Scaggs – Lowdown

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