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Recording studios are it seems a dying breed – symbolic of a previous age of making music that’s been superceded by digital technology.

It’s a story that needs to be captured before it disappears forever.

So three cheers for the music journalist Paul Morley, who’s on the case in his BBC Radio 4 series ‘Making Tracks,’ which begins a run of three new programmes today.

First up is Rockfield Studios in Wales – which claims to be the world’s first residential studio, allowing bands and artists to live on the premises and work on material before pressing ‘record.’

One of the artists who put Rockfield on the map was Dave Edmunds.

You can hear a man experimenting with the studio and what it can do in his 1970 hit ‘I Hear You Knocking.’

It’s a sound that was unique at the time.

So many hits have taken flight at Rockfield that it clearly is an inspirational location.

And that heritage continues today via recording masterclasses.

Dave Edmunds – I Hear You Knocking

Rockfield Studios – official website

Making Tracks – Rockfield Studios – BBC iPlayer

In future programmes we’re promised visits to two studios in London – Abbey Road, as a venue for classical recordings, and Metropolis.

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