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When Brian Eno, modern music pioneer, reckons that an artist is working with music and video in a new way, then you sit up and take notice.

That’s his verdict on the work of Cosmo Jarvis, whose latest album ‘Think Bigger’ is just out.

As a singer-songwriter and film maker, he conceives his work with a visual dimension from the get-go.

So when you arrive at his website homepage, you’re immediately offered various visual options.

The first one I came upon was ‘Love This.’

Apart from being a mesmerising song, it also sets you thinking about exactly how it was filmed.


Aged just 22 and born in the US, Jarvis was brought up in Devon, and has a gig in London coming up in September.

I bet tickets will be hard to come by.


Cosmo Jarvis – Love This

Cosmo Jarvis – official website

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